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Gastritis Diet: Food to Eat and Avoid

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Here is a diet to ease the sudden or recurrent onset of gastritis. Following this diet of 5 different food to eat and 5 to avoid will surely calm your stomach inflammation. It is very important to strictly follow the given diet for a week, in order to avoid the causes of irritation and to introduce soothing gastritis food.

It is very important to exclude from the diet those products that can adversely affect the action of the stomach, and also to include in the diet those ingredients that have a positive effect on digestion. Choosing the right food is paramount to facilitate the work of the digestive tract, thereby allowing the body to recover.

Here is a nice video on the general process of digestion from badgut.org:

Overview of the complete digestion cycle

We will present in great detail which products are allowed to be used with such a diet, and which should be excluded from the diet. Besides that, we’ll also offer everyday options for a healthy, gastritis-free breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What to Eat on a Gastritis Diet

Very often, nutritionists and gastroenterologists advise their patients to follow the five factor diet if the patient suffers from attacks of gastritis. This diet consists of five basic food groups:

  • Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Proteins
  • Dairy

The Healthy Eating Plate image from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health illustrates the core of this diet very well:

Copyright © 2011, Harvard University. For more information about The Healthy Eating Plate, please see The Nutrition Source, Department of Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, www.thenutritionsource.org, and Harvard Health Publications, www.health.harvard.edu.

It is especially important to switch to a facilitated diet during an exacerbation of the disease.
If the patient has been diagnosed with gastritis, then he should include in the diet the following kind of products:

  • various cereals, for example, rice, buckwheat and oat;
  • wheat flour baked goods, rye flour products (breads and such) can also be included;
  • soups on a light broth, you can use a second broth or vegetable-based broth, usually pasta or various cereals are added to such soups;
  • dairy products, with the least amount of fat;
  • from meat it is worth giving preference to rabbit meat or turkey, you can also use low-fat varieties of fish;
  • natural cow’s milk;
  • olive or sunflower oil that has been processed and is odorless;
  • natural bee honey without additives;
  • baked, stewed or boiled vegetables;
  • little sweets, sweetened nuts and marshmallows are safe and allowed;
  • berries and fruits are healthy, but try to avoid too much acidic or citrics.

If you follow these rules of the 5 factors diet for gastritis, then after a few days the special menu will start to show results, and this easy treatment at home can keep your stomach in check.

gastritis food 1
These are all great product options to ease gastritis

What to Avoid on a Gastritis Diet

In chronic gastritis, which occurs with frequent complications, it is best to periodically adhere to a few special rules of nutrition.

To do this, you should exclude from your gastritis diet such products as:

  • spicy vegetables, this includes white cabbage and radishes, parsley and sorrel;
  • types of vegetables and fruits that have a sour taste are strictly prohibited, in addition they lead to the formation of gases;
  • fatty varieties of fish and meat;
  • various kinds of sweets, chocolate;
  • steep broth soups;
  • various types of sauces and marinades;
  • high fat fermented milk products;
  • cooked food is preferred over cold food (cold drinks and ice cream are safe though).

Simple Menu for a Gastritis Diet

Find bellow a simple version of the menu for a week, which can be used at home and is easy to follow. As a side dish, pasta and various cereals are usually added, and drinks can be prepared using the ingredients shown. It is useful to make sweet compotes, medicinal infusions and fruit drinks.


  • a sandwich with homemade boiled sausage, one marshmallow and a cup of green tea;
  • sweet fruit salad and tea with honey;
  • low-fat cottage cheese casserole and sweet juice;
  • porridge in milk with a low percentage of fat, weak coffee with milk;
  • baked cheesecakes and herbal tea;
  • oatmeal fritters and green tea.
Pancakes are easy on the stomach and can be included on a gastritis diet


  • soup on a vegetable broth with rice groats, a cup of wild rose broth;
  • lean meat patties, mashed potatoes in low-fat milk and sweet compote;
  • milk soup with noodles, vegetable salad and tea with milk;
  • ear cooked in diluted broth, a little vegetable salad and natural jelly;
  • boiled meat and rice groats, tea with the addition of natural honey.
Green leaf salads, tomatoes and cucumber are safe choices for your lunch


  • baked meat cutlets in the oven, a glass of skim milk;
  • beef goulash without roasting, a glass of broth from rose hips;
  • pilaf without seasoning, tea with honey or jam;
  • boiled fish with rice, a cup of green tea;
  • meatballs with potato garnish, tea with a little addition of milk.


If you adhere to such a diet, you can quickly restore the balance of your stomach. But it is worth noting that it is best to use the diet as a general lifestyle guideline. Doing so help avoiding irritation of the gastric mucosa and thus serious exacerbations of gastritis.

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