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Hemorrhoids and Rectal Fissures: Learn How to Get Relief

hemorrhoids relief

The clinic of diseases of the rectum is diverse. The most common diseases are acute and chronic hemorrhoids, as well as cracks in the rectum. Approximately 70% of the population is affected by the above diseases. In most cases, patients go to the doctor with pain in the anus, discharge (mucus, pus), bleeding, prolapse of the nodes. Usually, all diseases of the rectum by ordinary people are called hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids are diverse. There are acute and chronic hemorrhoids. Acute hemorrhoids include hemorrhoidal thrombosis or perianal hematoma. The clinical manifestations of this disease are: severe aching pains, persistent, aggravated after defecation, the presence of painful compaction in the anus. Chronic hemorrhoids are most often manifested by prolapse of hemorrhoids and heavy bleeding, as well as a feeling of incomplete emptying during bowel movements.

Fissures of the rectum are also divided into acute and chronic. Sharp rectal fissures show insignificant discharge of red blood during defecation and cutting sensations during the act of defecation. Chronic cracks are characterized by intolerable burning-cutting pains, aggravating several minutes after the act of defecation, which can last about 4-6 hours.

An important place in the diagnosis of rectal diseases is occupied by instrumental examination (videoanoscopy, sigmoidoscopy). Examination of the patient is carried out in a comfortable position lying on the left side without knee-elbow poses. During the examination, local anesthetics are used, which allow painless examination and treatment of patients. When viewed, the video image of the examined area is projected onto the monitor, which allows the patient, if desired, to see the treatment process, as well as the result of the treatment itself.

Methods of treating hemorrhoids can be divided into conservative (therapeutic) and operational (hemorrhoidal nodes are removed by the surgeon under general anesthesia). Surgical methods are used in the presence of large, falling out nodes, lack of success from conservative treatment, with heavy bleeding. The treatment of hemorrhoids should be carried out systematically, comprehensively. And although now from morning till night they advertise various potent medicines – suppositories, ointments and other drugs, remember: there is not one such pill that will heal you immediately and forever.

I would also like to say about folk treatment methods. Some of them proved to be pretty good, but you don’t have to fully rely on them, much less put off a visit to the doctor. The use of certain folk remedies in the treatment of hemorrhoids is possible only on the recommendation and under the supervision of a proctologist and, as a rule, only in addition to the main course of treatment. Modern surgical techniques (latex doping, sclerotherapy, photocoagulation, electrochemical removal with the Hemoron apparatus) performed in specialized clinics make it possible to reduce the number of complications, avoid anesthesia, stay in the hospital and achieve good functional results.

I would like to draw the attention of patients to the question of the timeliness of contacting a medical institution: if the symptoms of the disease do not resolve on their own within 3-4 days, we strongly recommend contacting a specialist, as a number of serious complications can occur, as well as chronicity of the disease, which will require a longer and longer complicated expensive treatment. Annual preventive examinations are very important for the timely detection of rectal diseases that occur in an erased form. This problem also applies to women planning a pregnancy. It is at this stage that 1-2 procedures are enough to treat asymptomatic hemorrhoids and fissures. After all, after childbirth, the development of severe pain syndromes, bleeding, coincides with the lack of time and the ability to receive practical help in full,

In conclusion, I would like to recall the importance of proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including observing physical activity and personal hygiene.

Be healthy!


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